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Welcome to my site! Here, you will find a small amount of content and small, single-page, retro-styled websites and webpages that I've made for fun, or a small project. For now, you'll just find the pages/sites I've made in the main navigation, but that might change soon. I'm also restricting myself to using mostly features from the 90's, but since some features have been deprecated or removed (such as HTML tables or super annoying flashing text), but my files will probably adhere to the HTML5 standard.
I'll be hosting the source code for everything here, on my Github group.
Also, if you'd like, I have a (vaguely) more professional site over at
I started a podcast! find the locations to listen to it below! As new places to listen become available, I'll link them by the others.

Here are some of my favorite websites!

Here are the places where you can find my Podcast:


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